What we offer


What do you know about the amazing array of edible seaweeds that grow right on our doorstep, here in the beautiful East Neuk?

Come on an exciting journey with Professional Seaweed Harvester Jayson Byles to discover nature’s abundance and what it could mean for you.

Learn how to:

  1. Spot the inter-tidal zones

  2. Identify edible seaweeds as they come into season

  3. Keep safe in this potentially highly dangerous environment


  • Sustainable harvesting techniques and tips on cooking with fresh and dried seaweed

  • Together you will explore ways to reduce our impact on the oceans and help conserve this precious resource for the next generations.

  • At the end of the day take home some of your own foraged seaweed, a laugh or two and a renewed appreciation of this wonderful coast.

  • Fun and informative with a generous helping of ‘Wild Spirit’


As most of the action happens in the inter-tidal, the best time to explore and harvest are during the lowest tides known as “spring tides”  this refers to the 'springing forth' of the tide during the new and full moon phases.

Moderate tides known as ‘Neap tides’ when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other  occur seven days after a spring tide and although not as good can also be utilised for exploration.

The Low tides in The East Neuk are generally quite early in the morning, but the good news is that they do occur twice a day! So when the days start to stretch out, we will also be doing evening tours.

Prices for walks:

For a standard experience prices are:

  • Single adult £40

  • Two adults: £75

  • Young Adult : £25 (14 - 18 years)

  • Children : £10 (7-14 years)

Please note children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, two children per adult.Children must be a minimum of 7 years old.

Concessions available please tell us your situation


Please contact us to discuss your needs, we can tailor a package to suit most requirements and budgets.

Encompassing a wide range of activities and topics including:

  • Environment and Sustainability

  • Wild and seasonal cooking

  • Beach craft survival skills and team building

  • Other uses for Seaweed

All our staff are trained outdoor first aiders, PVG scheme members and hold food hygiene qualifications.