East Neuk Seaweed is excited to be part of :

Foraging Fortnight

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Wild at heart: Call of the Kelp forest

Dates and time:

***Sold Out Aug - 9:00am

***SOLD OUT 1st Sept -9:30am

2nd Sept -10:00am

Discover first hand the breathtaking convergence of earth, sea and sky. 

A super low tide on the August Black Moon gives us the rare opportunity to explore an ancient kelp forest, the larder of our ancestors, normally submerged under the North Sea. Tides this low only happen once or twice a year so we will have the gift of experiencing a landscape normally inaccessible.

Learn about the relationships and responsibilities we have with regard to personal wellbeing; planetary health and conservation and return home with your very own bounty of seaweed and valuable skills to continue your journey. 

Prices for walks:

  • 1 x Adult £40

  • 2 x Adult £75

  • Young Adult : £25 (14 - 18 years)

  • Children : £10 (7-14 years)

Please note children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, maximum two children per adult. Children must be a minimum of 7 years old.


Introduction to Seaweed

This is a perfect opportunity for beginners to dip their toe in the wild world of seaweed.

Dates and time:

***FULLY BOOKED 3rd Sept-10:30

***FULLY BOOKED 4th Sept-11:00

These tours are being offered free to the public to celebrate Foraging Fortnight

Discover for yourself the important role of Seaweed in the shoreline ecosystem. Come and stroll the abundant inter-tidal zone and learn a little about identifying edible seaweeds as they come into season. We will also cover a basic outline of how to forage sustainably and vitally to stay safe !